Introducing Syclops

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We’re happy to announce the public launch of Syclops, an infrastructure management platform designed for the cloud era. Syclops enhances SSH administration for enterprises by streamlining user management and access control to remote servers via SSH, and extending the capabilities of what can be done with SSH connections and terminal data. In our opinion, Syclops represents a major paradigm shift in how organizations manage and use SSH as part of their server management operations by providing advanced access control, auditing, and documentation capabilities out-of-the-box.

With Syclops deployed for your organization, your SSH user and access management will always be simple and easy-to-use, without sacrificing capabilities. Once setup, Syclops lets you easily manage and modify your remote server access rules as needed through it’s secure and easy-to-use web based management interface.

Syclops is available as a cloud-powered service, a hosted managed platform and can also be deployed as an In-House virtual appliance inof your existing IT infrastructure.

Backed by a team with over 7 years of expertise and experience in building and managing cloud and remote infrastructure, you can be assured that Syclops will allow you to maximize your Cloud & DevOps operations without sacrificing security at any time.

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